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Ronseal 250Ml Mahogany Refined Colron Wood Dye

Ronseal 250Ml Mahogany Refined Colron Wood Dye

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Ronseal 250ml Mahogany Refined Colron Wood Dye

A deeply penetrative wood dye with a waterbased formulation and light fast pigments to ensure the colour does not yellow over time or fade on exposure to sunlight. This product has been designed to allow colour matching; the greater the number of coats applied, the more intense the colour. The dye is applied by cloth or sponge

  • A rich deep penetrating waterbased wood dye which enhances the natural beauty of wood.
  • Contains light fast pigments that resist discolouration and fading.
  • For use on Interior hardwood or softwood.
  • Touch dry in 1 hour.
  • Recoatable in 1 hour.

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