Collection: Flooring Accessories

Taskers sells a wide range of flooring accessories from brands such as Fauk and QA Products to enable you to get the best results when laying carpet, laminate or wood. Our range includes carpet grippers by QA Products, which can be cut to fit, and laminate floor laying kits and spacers by Westco.

For a really professional finish, we also stock items such as radiator rosettes by Fauk. These go around pipework and save you having to make awkward cuts. They come in a range of finishes, including oak, plastic and chrome. Neat edges and thresholds make all the difference when laying flooring and we stock a wide range of stick down end pieces by Fauk for doorway edges, round fireplaces, and where your laminate meets a different type of flooring. These come in a range of finishes to suit different types of laminate. We also stock threshold strips, which come in different lengths and finishes and can be used in the same way as end pieces.

If you have different levels of flooring surface to contend with, we also stock adjustable ramps. These includes ramp covers and adjustable ramps in different wood finishes and in silver and gold. For carpeting jobs, we also supply traditional metal threshold strips in silver and gold finishes. If you are working with different types of flooring, we also stock threshold strips in lots of different finishes that can be used to join different flooring, such as wood or laminate to vinyl or carpet to laminate.