Collection: Floor Underlay

Underlay is one of the most important parts of any flooring project, and it should not be overlooked. We stock a large range of underlay products at Taskers Online, including products that are damp-proof. We also stock a wide range of flooring material including wood, laminate and vinyl, as well as underlay that can help to insulate your home. This means that you will be able to find the perfect underlay to suit your needs. If you're installing laminate or carpet floors, you will need to use underlay underneath to help apply your flooring to the floor.

One of the main benefits of underlay is that it provides insulation for your floor, no longer will you have to worry about losing heat through the floor, thus helping you lower those energy bills. Additional benefits include protection from moisture from below the flooring and preparing the sub floor. Make sure you pay special attention to this aspect of your flooring project, after all, there is a saying: “Your flooring is only as good as your underlay.”

We offer underlay from Q A Products, one of the leading integrated flooring solutions specialists in the UK. Our products are manufactured to a high standard, and we offer lots of different features including thermal insulation and shock insulation. Our products are also competitively priced and offer excellent value for money.