Collection: Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

At Taskers Online we stock a large range of floor cleaning & maintenance products. We have cleaning products for every kind of surface, from carpet to rugs to laminate and cork. We also supply a full range of floor maintenance products, including carpet protectors, floor polishes, floor waxes, cork flooring adhesive and sealant filler cartridges.

Over time, floors start to look damaged as they are constantly being walked on. This grinds the dirt into the surface of the floor or carpet, which can make it look worn and dirty. Floors are extremely durable, but they will need the help of cleaning products to ensure that they still look great after a few years. Floor cleaning and maintenance products will help you to keep your carpet, rug or floor looking clean and fresh. We sell powerful cleaners that allow you to safely and effectively remove stains, grease and dirt from your floor. Floor cleaning requires different products depending on the type of flooring.

We stock a large range of brands that are specially designed to target different types of surfaces, including FAUK and Nicoline. This will ensure that you are happy with the result every time that you clean. We also stock popular household cleaning brands such as Unika. Unika is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aftercare products for kitchen and laminate flooring. All of our floor maintenance and cleaning products are manufactured to a high standard, and they are competitively priced so they are great value for money.