Seasonal item. Sold during the Christmas period only.

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Dark Green Cashmere Wreath - 63cm

Dark Green Cashmere Wreath - 63cm

Nothing says Christmas like a seasonal wreath. Dark green cashmere wreath has a traditional look with a lovely and full spread of branches. Elevate the festive atmosphere in your home or business with the timeless style of the Dark Green Cashmere Wreath - 63cm. An elegant and full display with a durability that lasts season after season.

Key Features:

  • Size: 63cm
  • Colour: Dark Green
  • Style: Traditional
  • Realistic formed branches which look like the real thing
  • Combine with our Decorative lights and ornaments for a beautiful, festive product!
  • Easy to hang up (Wreath Hangers and Garland ties available here)
  • Suitable for Indoor or covered/sheltered areas only


  • Seasonal item. Sold during Christmas period only.
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