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Altico A10702 Midnight Black Stone Cobbles

Altico A10702 Midnight Black Stone Cobbles

Bring a timeless, elegant touch to your landscape projects with Midnight Black Stone Cobbles. These round and oval cobbles offer a stylish, low-maintenance choice for rock gardens and feature areas. Create unique visuals and texture, adding an impressive and eye-catching look to your outdoor areas. 

Our Midnight Black Stone Cobbles 60 - 100mm are great for:

  • Feature Areas
  • Alpines & Rock Gardens
  • Gabion Filler
  • Fish friendly

Coverage per bag: 

  • Coverage: 0.3 m2

Size and Colour Specifications:
Please keep in mind that all decorative aggregates are quarried. The product's size can vary and, in most cases, will be larger than expected. All sizes are given as a rough guideline only.

Natural products may vary in colour due to natural changes in rock formation that are beyond our control. We take every precaution to keep this to a minimum, but differences are to be expected.