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Altico A10002 Cotswold Stone Chippings

Altico A10002 Cotswold Stone Chippings

Altico Cotswold Stone is a very popular choice for driveways. Cotswold chippings can be used for many landscaping applications including paths, borders, patio edgings or as a general groundcover and weed suppressant. These light coloured chippings are great for brightening up a dark space and tie in really well with stone buildings and other neutral elements within a garden or courtyard. As this is a limestone chipping it's not recommended for use in ponds or water features, as it is a porous stone and is not fish friendly.

Our Altico Cotswold Stone 14-26mm is great for:

  • Driveways
  • Decorative areas and paths
  • Ponds and water features
  • Fish friendly

Size and Colour Specifications:
Please keep in mind that all decorative aggregates are quarried. The product's size can vary and can be larger or smaller than expected. All sizes are given as a rough guideline only

Natural products may vary in colour due to natural changes in rock formation that are beyond our control. We take every precaution to keep this to a minimum, but differences are to be expected.